Water Baptism

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Water baptism is one of two Christian ordinances that Jesus instituted for Believers.  When a person is baptized in water, it is both a picture of the inner cleansing that has been accomplished in Christ Jesus, and a public identification with the person of Jesus and His church.  Baptism is the first step of obedience for the Christian life.  At Calvary Chapel, we baptize believers only by the mode of immersion...as consistent with the witness of scripture.  The Greek word baptidzo literally means "to bury"...and that's the picture in a nutshell.  The old man of sin and death is buried, and the new man, cleansed through Christ's blood, emerges triumphantly from the baptismal waters.  We believe that baptism is an outward picture and a response to an inward change.  While baptism is a commandment from Christ that is binding upon all Christians, it is neither a sacrament imparting grace, nor salvific in any way.