Welcome to Calvary Chapel Newnan

Calvary Chapel is a Non-Denominational Christian Fellowship in Newnan, GA. We focus on verse by verse expository teaching through the Bible, while seeking to live out a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Calvary Chapel Newnan began as a home Bible Fellowship with a small group of believers in early 2014. The initial Bible study was intended to be an informal gathering of about three families, but as word spread about the study, so did the number of people interested in attending. Our first Bible study was a gathering of 24 adults and a few children. The adults met in the living and dining room while the children met in the Florida room. Tables and chairs were removed from the dining room the second week to accommodate more seating, and even then, people were still sitting on the floor. Two students were hired who were recommended by a Christian Ministry Group at a nearby University, and they watched our children each week during the Bible study. Pastor Joel began to teach the Bible verse by verse in Genesis 1:1, and the group would fellowship, pray, and then study the Bible in a study circle.

Around May of 2014, Pastor Joel attended a Pastor's conference at Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain. He was invited by Pastor Sandy Adams who leads that Fellowship and who heads up the conference. During the conference, God spoke to Pastor Joel's heart and he knew that he was supposed to start a Calvary Chapel church in Newnan. When he shared that news with the Bible study group, many also felt God's leadership to participate in the new work.

At that time, Joel was working full time as a Real Estate Agent, and noticed a vacant chapel near his home. A little investigation revealed that the chapel was owned by another local church who used the facility to help start new churches. The terms were excellent, and the rent was affordable. The Bible study group went to work painting and preparing the little chapel, modest, but adequate. After a month of renovations and preparation, the group relocated from the living room to the little chapel. Calvary Chapel Newnan had its first public service in the little chapel on the first Sunday in September, 2014.

God began to bless the little group, slow at first, but the Lord's hand was upon them. In 2017 the group had outgrown the 80 person capacity of the little chapel and moved to two services. The church continued to grow and a year later was around 130 people with a small, but growing youth and children's ministry. Other groups had formed, such as a women's ministry and men's ministry. Pastor Cody volunteered to be a Student Pastor, and Shannon volunteered to lead the Children's Ministry.

By the summer of 2017, the small church was looking for a larger building. One afternoon at the community swimming pool, Pastor Joel and a friend began to discuss the need for a larger church building. Not long after that, the friend contacted Pastor Joel and disclosed that his church had just purchased a property, and that they would be vacating their leased building in downtown Newnan.

Following a series of conversations with leaders from the other church, and with the landlord, Calvary Chapel Newnan signed a lease for the Savannah Street property. Six months later, the church took possession of the new building and began renovations. The church held its first service in the new building on the first Sunday of August 2018.

Since then, the church has continued to grow and topped the 200 mark, with additional growth in the children's and Student ministries, additional growth of campus groups, and the addition of staff.

Then, the Pandemic of 2020 hit...but the Lord was faithful. While the church had never before streamed or recorded a church service, all of the equipment was on site to do so. All hands were on deck to get the broadcast online...and then God showed the church a powerful truth. The online broadcasts were reaching more people than the in-person services, and from coast to coast. The church adopted a ministry shift to remain in the cloud, even as the church meets in two in-person services again.

God is faithful, and Calvary Chapel Newnan is excited to see what the Lord will do next. Come and be a part of the Lord's work in this amazing Fellowship!

It would be our joy to have you as our Guest this Sunday!

Calvary Chapel Newnan is an affiliate Fellowship of the Calvary Chapel Association, and adheres to the statement of faith and philosophy of ministry of the CCA. The Calvary Chapel movement began in 1965, and was led by Pastor Chuck Smith until his death in 2013. Today, the Movement is overseen by regional directors who affiliate new churches, plan and schedule conferences, and encourage the Pastors in the Lord. CCN is an independent autonomous church in voluntary fellowship with the CCA.