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Benevolence Ministry

Here are some important things that you need to know.  

The Biblical model of church benevolence is to provide assistance and relief within the household of faith, or to like minded sister churches in their time of need.

Calvary Chapel offers benevolence ministry in various forms to meet the needs of persons in active fellowship with Calvary Chapel.   We define active fellowship as regular weekend church attendance, service and support of the work of the church, and participation in a small group.  

If you are not in active fellowship at Calvary Chapel, we encourage you to contact your home church for assistance or a community partner such as BTG or One Roof Alliance.  We are happy to speak with your Pastor and to partner with your church in considering how we may join together to meet your need.  

Benevolence decisions are made by our Pastor and Elders, and will be handled discreetly and as quickly as possible. The church will not knowingly provide assistance that supports lifestyles inconsistent with Biblical living.  

Please complete the benevolence application in its entirety to begin the assistance process.  A Pastor or Elder will be in touch as soon as possible.  

Please complete the application below to request help