James 5:1-12 Principles of Endurance for Suffering Christians

Nov 13, 2022    Joel Dover

Christians will suffer. If there's one message that blows a hole in the boat of the prosperity doctrine, it's the reality that Christians sometimes suffer. Sometimes Christians suffer even when they are in the will of God or are doing everything right.

James will teach us this week about principles of endurance for suffering Christians. Some in James' churches were victims of injustices from wealthy members of the community who used their wealth as a weapon by withholding wages and manipulating the legal system. Evil persons had sinned against them and were creating undue hardship for the believers.

James gave these believers instructions for how a Christian should endure such hardships of suffering. No matter your own circumstances, following these principles is sure to help. Remember, we can't control how others treat us...but we can control how we respond to it.