Welcome to Calvary Chapel Newnan. Here are a few things that you can expect on your first visit!
  1. CCN meets in two identical Sunday morning services. The music and teaching are the same in both morning services. Because of the Pandemic, we are meeting "Family Style", which means that kids will sit with you during the service.
  2. We are a casual church. Most people wear blue jeans and sneakers, but please feel free to wear whatever you prefer. The only thing that we ask is that whatever we wear honors God, and doesn't distract others from worship.
  3. Guest Parking is located by the main entrance. There are three spaces reserved for guests. If this is your first visit, it would be our honor to have you park here.
  4. We like coffee! When you come into the building, you will be greeted by friendly faces, and will have opportunity to grab a cup of local roasted coffee. Please feel free to grab a cup and lid, and to bring the your coffee into the worship center.
  5. Worship services feature a live band and praise and worship music. Worshippers are encouraged to stand, sing out, raise hands, and otherwise worship in the Spirit. We want Jesus to remain the center of our attention, so we do ask our worshippers to be considerate of others and careful to minimize distractions.
  6. Services last about an hour, with about half of that time dedicated to the teaching of the Bible. A typical service includes prayer, scripture reading, musical worship, Bible teaching, and ministry at the altar.
  7. Our Pastor teaches the Bible verse by verse through Bible Books. Typically, Pastor Joel uses the New King James Version because of its familiarity, readability, and accuracy.
  8. We do not practice formal membership, but we do have an informal affiliation process. If you would like to affiliate with CCN, simply speak with a Pastor at the Altar after a service.
  9. Relax and enjoy yourself. We aren't big on formality...so don't worry about not doing it right. We want to enjoy being together in the Lord, and let the Spirit lead us as we worship together.