Our Mission is Simple.

God has Called us to Make Disciples!

We do this by...

  • Emphasizing the verse by verse teaching of the Bible, the public reading of scripture, prayer, and inspirational musical worship in a weekly corporate worship service.

  • Connecting every believer to a Small Group, where Christian relationships flourish through fellowship, prayer, sharing, study, discussion, accountability, service projects, and social gatherings.

  • Serving the Lord together through Ministry Groups that connect quarterly for fellowship, plan and promote the Deep South conferences, and connect believers together for ministry.

We Believe that God has Called us to Be


These keywords are more than just a slogan...they represent our ministry structure and philosophy. We believe that God has called us to keep church simple and organic...while being intentional about building strong individuals, families, and ministries.

Our Affiliations

Calvary Chapel Newnan is a non-denominational, independent Christian Fellowship, in voluntary affiliation with the Calvary Chapel Association.