Our Heart for Missions and Evangelism

At Calvary Chapel, we care about sharing Jesus with the whole world. Not only are we engaged in reaching our community, but we support Calvary Chapel Missionaries around the world, and are building vital missions partnerships on the mission field.

Our Mission to Make Disciples

 Our mission is to make Disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we preach the Gospel, teach the whole Bible, worship God in the Spirit, pray for the advancement of the Lord’s Kingdom, fellowship weekly in the Lord, serve the needs of others, and encourage every Believer to live a dynamic Spirit filled life.

Our Vision to Impact Our Community

Our vision is to reach our community with the gospel, to help Believers grow in Jesus, and to impact the world around us by living for Christ.

Our Affiliations

Calvary Chapel Newnan is affiliated with, and adheres to the statement of faith and philosophy of ministry of the Calvary Chapel Association.